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Reviews: Collectors of my work are happy

Everyone loves the painting . . . we have received many compliments.”
— J. Donald, Menlo Park, CA

I am so elated with Following Your Fascinations that I can not express it in words. I am fascinated by your style. It is truly masterful.”
— F. Neman, Los Angeles, CA

“OH MY, I just unveiled my new painting and I LOVE IT!”
— N. Michaels, San Jose, California

“You perfectly transformed my dream into a stunningly beautiful painting.  I am deeply grateful.”
— Dr. S. Hall, Ventura, California (regarding a commissioned painting)

Everyone loves the painting!”
— J. Heffernan, Palm Desert, California

“We are so happy. It is perfect. Thank you Holly! You are such a gifted artist.”
— Karen and Greg, Lake Tahoe, CA  (regarding a commissioned painting)

We love having your art in our home. It is beautiful.”
— S. McMillan, San Francisco, California

“The painting was exactly what I was hoping for and that was a testament to Holly’s listening skills. She even took my suggestion and made a short video of the entire transformation from idea to finished work. I highly recommend her and have so enjoyed working with her on this. Thank you, Holly!”
— Diane F, San Jose, California (regarding a commissioned painting)

Your paintings are amazing! We feel so honored to have 3 of them in our home.”
— Didier and Eliane M, San Jose, California

“I am SO EXCITED about the two commissioned paintings you just delivered – they are beautiful! One painting will hang in my office, and the other in my home.”
— High tech executive, San Francisco, California

“Your painting arrived today and I love it! Thank you Holly.”
— P. Ryan, Gloucestershire, England

“The moment I saw that painting, I knew it would be perfect for my bedroom. And it is. I love it!!”
— Carol S, Santa Clara, California

“Thank you for the beautiful painting! Love the painting and the name too.”
— N. Chen, Portola Valley, California

“For our wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a gift certificate for one of Holly’s nest paintings. ‘Celebration’ now graces our living room above the fireplace. Our whole family is enthralled with it!”
— Chris and Jenny, Saratoga, California

“Your nest painting is absolutely stunning. It will give us a lifetime of enjoyment. And I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it.”
— S. Gladfelter, San Jose, California

“The painting has arrived and exceeds my expectations. You have such a magnificent way of depicting the Ocean. I feel so blessed and am so happy.”
— Fred, Los Angeles, CA

“I was immediately drawn to Holly’s abstract landscape painting called Happy Glow, which hangs in our living room. Its vibrant yellows and oranges give me a warm glowing feeling, and bring back lovely memories of my time in Spain.”
— Yvonne W, San Francisco, California

“Your painting was delivered today and we both LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!   My wife was surprised to receive it and has not stopped staring at it.  The colors are perfect.  She was also very proud to show it off to our guests. She has already suggested the idea of getting you to do something else for us.  Again, thank you so much for creating such a meaningful piece that will surely be handed down through our family for generations to come.”
— H. Wilson, Montgomery, Alabama

“Every time I walk by your painting I am in for a treat. I make a point to look at it. It radiates warmth, energy and life. I always see something new and I feel lucky to have it in my home. Thank you Holly for such a wonderful painting.”
— R. Lacerte, Portola Valley, California

“ ‘Quiet Morning’ was the perfect choice for my husband’s office. His job is really stressful, and he finds your painting restful and calming when he’s having a tough day. “
— Jennifer P, Emerald Hills, California

“I have Holly’s paintings in my living room, dining room, entry, and family room. She keeps creating pieces that I can’t resist. My last purchase was a nest painting. I wasn’t planning on buying it, but loved it so much that I made room for it in my front entry. Our visitors love it too, and some have even commissioned Holly to create nest paintings for their own homes.”
— J. Maw, Portola Valley, California

I love it that you came to my house to deliver the painting and hang it on my wall. Thank you!”
— K. King, Portola Valley, California

“There is so much I can say about our painting by Holly Van Hart. What really jumps out at me is how it commands a presence, and how vivid it is. It makes me more appreciative of the colorful world around me. My husband says he frequently sees something new in it, and he sees it every day.”
— Dr. K. Albridge, Scotts Valley, California

“We just hung an abstract landscape painting from Holly Van Hart in the dining room of our new home. My husband had seen an image of the painting online and loved the colors and feeling of it. In person, the painting is even more powerful. The rich colors and textures are truly captivating.”
— J. Chung, Portola Valley, California

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“As soon as I saw the painting I commissioned from Holly, I loved it. I had supplied a reference photo, and asked Holly to use artistic license to create a special painting to commemorate my wedding anniversary. Holly’s painting captures the spirit of the photo, but is much more powerful. This is the second painting I’ve purchased from Holly, and it is most likely not the last. I am a very happy customer.”
— V. Gillard, San Jose, California

We are decorating our new home and chose 3 of Holly Van Hart’s paintings. Each is special in its own way. The painting that gets noticed the most graces our entryway. It is of a Vietnamese young woman dressed in richly colored garb. Visitors always comment on it; they love the depth of the colors, as well as the emotion in the woman’s face and hands.”
— Dr. T. Lamm, Portola Valley, California

“I’ve enjoyed your landscape painting on my wall for over a year now. The colors, the reflections on the water, the cool blues with just a hint of light instantly transport me to that beautiful lake. I’m delighted with my purchase.”
— P. Howard, Lake Livingston, Texas

“I am so excited for you and the success of your art. I visit your website regularly and love your work. Your abstract landscape painting lives in our dining room and is perfect!”
— T. Wang, Portola Valley, California

“I loved your landscape painting after seeing it on your website. When you delivered it, I was surprised that it could be even better! The blues and teals were so vibrant and really stood out against the beautiful oranges and grays. I’m thrilled with it.”
— A. Diercks, Saratoga, CA

“Being an artist myself, I collect only extraordinary, inspiring artwork. I admire Holly Van Hart’s mature artistic expression and her use of color. I continue to be thrilled with Holly’s painting that hangs in our home.”
— G. Gao, San Jose, California

“I saw one of Holly’s abstract landscape paintings online and loved it. When she showed me the original, I knew I had to have it. The texture and colors are amazing. Now the painting hangs in our living room, and when my friends see it, they are just as impressed.”
— L. Moore, San Francisco, California

“The painting arrived here in bonny Scotland today. Thank you. It looks fantastic. I love the way you have captured the movement and concentration of the soccer players. The colour is also striking.”
— R. Harvey, Glasgow, Scotland

“Today I surprised my family with two paintings from you, and both are awesome hits! Thank you so much Holly. The pieces that came into my possession have a value far more than what I paid. Thank you again for your time, the stories of your creations, and making this a wonderful experience! These paintings will be treasured in our family forever.”
— D. Kim, Sunnyvale, California

“As a gift for my wife, I commissioned Holly to create a set of 3 paintings for our living room. She was very attentive to the design, understanding exactly what I wanted the paintings to convey, while applying her creative skills to make them true works of art. Holly also gave great advice on colors and size. The result is just perfect–our whole family loves the paintings as do our guests! It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend working with Holly.”
— D. Cohen, Los Altos, California

“I commissioned Holly to create a painting for a new guest house we had just built. I had seen one of her beautiful abstract nest paintings at a friend’s house and wanted something similar. Holly did something even better! She created a special painting just for me that was bigger and in the exact colors of the guest room.

The thing I like most about our new painting from Holly is how inspirational it is in addition to being lovely and serene. The painting has a nest filled with eggs, and Holly named it “Abundance”; this is perfect as whenever I look at it I am reminded of how full and rich our lives are and it helps me to stop and appreciate that, which is truly a rare gift.”
— K. King, Portola Valley, California

The painting is beautiful – and it speaks to Aline and I on many levels. We love the depth and colors – it speaks to our understanding and belief in nature and our own individual opportunities – seeing not only the beauty that is right in front of us everyday, but understating and appreciating the promise of distance and movement and the ability to know there is always something beyond what is directly in front of us. It is an empowering feeling and the art evokes this.
— D. Marshall, Saratoga, California

Our experience working with Holly has been exceptional. Based on photographs of our newly remodeled home, she gave advice on the size and colors for a custom painting to be featured in our dining room. Holly took the time to discuss our tastes and preferences to ensure the final product would be to our liking. We agreed on the subject, and she created a sketch and reviewed it with me for approval. When the painting was nearly done, Holly invited me to her studio to see it. I was expecting good things but this painting literally took my breath away. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I am thrilled. I give Holly the highest of recommendations!”
— P. Buchanan, Lake Tahoe, California

Holly Van Hart was awarded Best of Houzz for her many 5-star reviews.

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