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Tree Forest and Mountain Abstract Landscape Paintings |Circling of the Seasons, Mixed media painting by Holly Van Hart | Best of Houzz, Featured in Professional Artist Magazine

Circling of the Seasons
Mixed media painting by Holly Van Hart

Holly Van Hart is known for abstract nature paintings that explore her fascination with the limitless opportunities we have in our lives. Images of abstracted landscapes, mountains, trees, and flowers are used to symbolize abundance and the generation of new life and new ideas.

Van Hart has been awarded Grand Prize at the California Statewide Painting Competition and Best of Houzz, as well as a fellowship from the prestigious Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists. Her work is exhibited internationally, and she has had solo exhibitions at the Triton Museum of Art, University of California San Francisco, and Stanford University.

Holly Van Hart | Huffington Post | Professional Artist Magazine | Silicon Valley TV | Best of Houzz

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