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Holly Van Hart | abstract nature paintings | oil painting
Welcome. My name is Holly Van Hart, and I’m glad you’re here.

My abstract nature paintings are meant to spark new excitement about the limitless opportunities we have in our lives.

Whether you’re an experienced art collector, or just curious about the art scene, you’ve come to the right place to get inspired!


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In my paintings, you’ll see subjects from nature that surprise us with unusual colors and textures. Titles such as ‘Field of Dreams’ and ‘Possibilities Abound’ are  clues to the meaning behind the work.

My paintings hang in art collections around the world. They have won awards such as Grand Prize at the California Statewide Painting Competition and Best of Houzz.

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Here, take a look –

'Nature Paintings' series (click here)
‘Field of Dreams’
24 x 30″ oil painting by Holly Van Hart
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The daisies in ‘Field of Dreams’ represent our dreams. Some dreams are bigger than others, some are growing and developing, and others are on the decline.

All of these dreams are dancing around through the turbulence and beauty that we call life. Here’s wishing that our biggest, boldest dreams come true!

Oil painting by Holly Van Hart, nest, blue, nature's colors abstracted
‘Possibilities Abound’
30″ x 40″ Oil painting by Holly Van Hart
Grand Prize Winner, California State Painting Competition
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The nests in my paintings represent the boundless possibilities and opportunities we have in our lives.

Larger-than-life eggs and nests symbolize the promise of our own capabilities, to be nurtured and explored and stretched to their fullest potential.

Forest Reverie, abstract nature painting by Holly Van Hart
Forest Reverie
48 x 36″ Oil painting by Holly Van Hart
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‘Forest Reverie’ represents the beginning of a new year or a new season.

Colorful opportunities sparkle all around us, and beckon us to reach them. Will we pick the closest, easiest one, or will we stretch further to find our passion?

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