My painting ‘All Distances’ selected for book cover

Book cover with cover image, All Distances (detail), by Holly Van Hart, abstract oil painting

Cover image of this book
is a detail of my abstract oil painting ‘All Distances’

My painting ‘All Distances’ was selected for the cover of this book!

Here’s a note in the book from the editor . . .
“Special thanks go to artist Holly Van Hart from the San Francisco Bay area, who once again has kindly given her permission to use one of her paintings, All Distances, for the book cover. Even though we never met in person, her paintings formed the bridge that brought us into contact, reiterating the underlying concept about how we are all connected across nations, distances, time and cultures.”

The book is titled The European Court of Human Rights, Implementing Strasbourg’s Judgments on Domestic Policy, edited by Dia Anagnostou.

Dia and I have met by email (she’s based in Greece) and I hope to meet her in person one of these days/years soon.


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At the beach with ‘my 3 men’

After the Open Studio event, it was time to take a breather with ‘my 3 men’ . . .

Family day at the beach

At the beach with my husband Ike and sons Skyler and Erik
With friends like you, and family like this, I feel like the luckiest gal in the world!

The week before Open Studios was a fundraising auction and gala for the Triton Museum of Art. The gala is an annual event, but this year was super-special because it was the Triton’s 50th anniversary. I donated a painting and attended the gala . . .

With Melissa McKenzie, writer for the Santa Clara Weekly, at the Triton Museum gala

All dressed up, Triton Museum gala
With Melissa McKenzie, writer for the Santa Clara Weekly
Photo by Ron Dell’Aquila
More ‘life as an artist’ photos here

Now I’m back glad to be back in the studio and making a bunch of commissioned paintings, as well as preparing for upcoming exhibits at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe (summer-fall 2015), Stanford Art Spaces (2016), and The New Museum (2017). If you’ll be in Lake Tahoe this summer, you can check out my work in person at the Ritz-Carlton, right outside the spa. Many thanks to Slate Art Consulting for this opportunity.

We have just a few weeks left of spring . . . hope yours is full of sunshine and smiles!

Your friend,

Are there any paintings you would not sell? (Santa Clara Weekly article)

Friends often ask “Are there any paintings you would not sell?” Great question. Yes, there are 4 of them, shown here –


Photo by Melissa McKenzie

In an interview that took place in my studio, reporter Melissa McKenzie was full of questions about art & life & my Triton Museum of Art solo exhibition. Click here to see the story she featured in the newspaper’s Art & Entertainment section.

If you missed my solo show but would like to take a look, click to see a video walk-through, pics, and the Triton Museum catalog (free).